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Things to Consider during Eavestrough Repair

When repairing or maintaining your house eaves trough you should seal all the joints well to avoid leakage of the water. Since the joints of an eaves trough are more likely to leak out water if the trough lacks other leakages hence you should ensure you seal well. Apply silicone sealant along the joints inside seams if you want to seal small holes responsible for leaking water from the eavestrough. Smooth the sealers edges carefully so that they don’t collect debris causing blockages in the trough.

Make sure the eves trough is straight and if not then remove it and straighten it before you return it to your house. Straighten the gutter by tightening the fastener that holds it to your house by use spikes driven through both the gutter and ferrule inside the gutter. With time the trough will begin to fall away from the rafter therefore you can hit the spike with a heavy solid to push the trough back to its original position.

Find out if the gutter has rusty and leaky parts that are hard to repair to replace these part of the gutter to avoid continuous water loss. Not all bad sectors in the gutter means you will have to replace the entire trough but first you should patch the parts and see if the holes all sealed completely well. If your trough is dirty then you should clean the rust off to check if there are hidden leaks in the trough that need patching. Use a dry waded cloth to cover the patch with another coat of roof cement, feathering the cement to prevent leaks from the trough.

Use a wire mesh screen to hold dirt such as leaves and papers or clothes that may be driven into the gutter by wind and clog free flow of water in the gutter. You need to regularly check the gutter for leaves that may cling to the screen and divert water over the gutters. Screens can be very tricky to remove causing injury to yourself or the person removing them and so you need to ensure the removal process of the screen is done with caution.

Lastly, to avoid clogging the downspout of the gutter you should but a bulb shaped leaf strainer at the top of each downspout so as to hold leaves that may have found themselves into the gutter. Paint helps prevent rust to occur fast thus when using metal plate gutters then you should paint the gutter before you install it up on your house since sunlight will increase the rate of rust of the gutter with time leaking water.

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