3 Reasons to Choose a Gas-Burning Fireplace

Residential fireplaces remain popular because they warm rooms while adding a charming touch and welcoming atmosphere. Although wood-burning fireplaces were the popular choice for centuries, many homeowners now opt for a gas fireplace. Some even install them in several rooms. Gas models are economical, stylish, and eco-friendly. They are easy to install and maintain. Many parents choose gas to ensure that fireplaces are safe for children and pets.

Gas Is a Budget-Friendly Choice

Homeowners often choose gas burning fireplaces to save money. They cost less to install and maintain than wood-burning models. Gas is an economical heat source, especially if homeowners install zone heating systems that let them warm only the rooms they are using. On average, burning gas reduces energy bills by 25%. Homeowners also save the costs of buying wood and creating a storage space for it.

Fireplaces Are Safe and Easy to Use

It is much easier to use and maintain gas fireplaces than burning wood. Most include remotes so users can control them without getting out of their seats. Fireplaces use vents instead of chimneys, so there is no need for the regular cleaning that is required to keep chimneys safe and efficient. Fuel for fireplaces is metered by area gas companies. Homeowners do not have to keep gas tanks on their premises. Customers often choose gas to eliminate sparks or random flames that are common when burning wood and can be dangerous to kids and pets. Gas is more eco-friendly than wood. In fact, wood-burning fireplaces are banned in some areas due to the particulates and fumes they released into the air.

Suppliers Offer a Variety of Styles

The companies that sell and install gas-burning fireplaces offer a range of styles to suit any taste. They are available in sizes that evenly heat the smallest and largest spaces. Clients can choose standalone or built-in models. Suppliers provide design help so finished fireplaces become eye-catching decorative elements.

Homeowners who want reliable heat sources that are safe for children and pets often install fireplaces that burn gas instead of wood. Gas burning fireplaces are easy to install, stylish, energy-efficient, easy to use, and economical. Gas is also more eco-friendly than wood.